MONOCRETE’s mission is dedicated not only in meeting the clients’ expectation but even surpassing it by maintaining the highest quality and competitiveness of its products. Having this in mind, we consistently try to achieve this through the continuous setting and deployment of key performance indicators in meeting the standards of excellence in the areas of human resources management and training without compromising the health and safety of the employees.


A company that has envisioned itself to have a total commitment of being the leader in terms of supplying quality engineering product in the local market and to establish its presence in competing with the international market as well.              



Our Company is committed to do business not only in accordance to the highest ethical and legal standards but to be responsible and creative in maximizing the company resources at all levels. Each one of us plays a vital role in the attainment of these company objectives. We act honestly and professionally in treating each other, our clients, partners and suppliers fairly, with integrity and dignity. Ultimately, doing what we believe is right and just.

Our Employee's Code of Conduct, together with other company guidelines are intended to list down the pertinent laws and corporate policies, with respect to business practices and procedures, to meet those objectives. It is designed to equip us with a thorough knowledge on our corporate cultures, rules and regulations. As well as setting out basic principles, which provides a framework for prudent decision-making in all business dealings on behalf of the Company.

We hope and believe that this message will guide us on how we should act and behave in the workplace and make ourselves and the company as well to the best and highest level of our capacity. With your help, I am confident that MONOCRETE REALTY and DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION is worthy of the trust that is imbibed in each and every one of us. Sincerest thanks to all for your unwavering support in joining us in all the companies’ projects and future endeavors.


MONOCRETE was first known in the business circle as SUPERCRETE until it was acquired by MONOCRETE READY MIX CORPORATION. Established on March 9, 2007 the main purpose of the company was to ensure that the concrete ready mix being utilized by its affiliate Monolith Construction and  Development Corporation is of the highest quality through the adaptation of the latest trend in the ready mix production backed up by excellent manpower training and strict compliance of raw materials generated. From a 3 cubic capacity twin shaft central mixer batch plant, the Company has now two(2) stationary batch plants and one(1) mobile batch plant that can produce more than one hundred fifty (150) cubic meters per hour of high quality ready mix.Thus, seeing the success in the construction business, management decided to open its doors to a wider coverage by including precasts real estate business through low cost housing projects, leasing and mortgaging. With all of these and more future endeavors to come, the name MONOCRETE REALTY AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION came about.