As a leader in providing the highest quality in Construction services and Engineering products, MCPI is uniquely positioned to help address the promise and challenge of meeting every customers expectations.

Welcome to Monocrete

MONOCRETE CONSTRUCTION PHILIPPINES INC. (MCPI), is an innovative and fast growing Filipino-owned company founded in 2007. The Companys core business seamlessly integrates Construction with the critical Engineering components of Ready Mix Concrete, Precast and Rebar production to ensure high standards of Quality in the Professional delivery of services.

We are committed to maintaining our position as the market leader in the Philippine construction industry while establishing a competitive presence in the international market.

To be innovative and trusted construction and engineering firm in local market for us to keep the clients engage and delighted.

Promote, build and expand long term business relationships, with our client through integrity of our products and services.

We strongly live by the name of:

M – Mutual respect for stakeholders, employees and customers.

C - Customer driven, needs of customers is our top priority

P - Productivity and profitability through competent and engage human capital

I – Integrity and Innovation in our products and services.